you know life is good when you see a middle-aged black man driving a riding lawnmower shirtless down a busy four-lane street casually drinking a slushee he got via the drive-thru window. 

oh lexington and your laid-back, farmboy-turned-urbanite lifestyle, i want to make love to your front porch conversations, afternoon showers, and endless swarms of fireflies all summer long.


by keith althaus

rough birds
fit this field,
starlings and crows,
their blue-black wings
against the sheen
of the week-old snow
and the metallic
stubble of corn.
the sun behind
a squirrel's nest,
an eclipse
unnoticed in the rest
of the world,
sends no one
into panic, an omen
of nothing to come.
observe one gray
displace another.
this day in history
a mouse was caught
in a drainage ditch,
you hurt your arm,
at night the stars
came out.

(photo by sam abell)


my mind's such a sweet thing
i wanna do everything
what a beautiful feeling
crimson and clover
over and over

tommy james and the shondells


that beautiful season ... the summer of all-saints! filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.
henry wadsworth longfellow

('sinead' by karen inderbitzen-waller)


freedom is actually a bigger game than power.  power is about what you can control.  freedom is about what you can unleash

harriet rubin

there is a block in the center of downtown lexington, just a short walk from my new house, that is nothing but a green field surrounded by horse fencing.  when i first saw it, i thought it was a nice public green space for romantic picnics, blowing bubbles, or chess games.  i learned that it is actually a semi-failed development project that lost its funding to build another four-star hotel/business lounge/million dollar condo combination.  the company bulldozed a block of local businesses--including the most popular music venue--to build this new development and it has yet to do anything with the land.  because the construction company still owns the land, it is a big, beautiful grassy field that is off limits to the public.  tresspassers are imediately chased out by security.

there was much outrage about the development, the destruction of several popular downtown businesses (and possibly the destruction of the downtown period), as well as the policing of the area.  so, in response, people organized kickball games.  though the games are only brief before the players are kicked off the field by security, i think this is a perfect example of proactive (rather than reactive) politics.  we can create the world we want to live in.  we can take something ugly, like an off-limits development zone, and turn it into something much better, if only for a brief moment.  we can reclaim space and we can experience life (freedom, happiness) in those moments, in those spaces.

the picture above is from the big snowfall this year.  people walking around downtown decided to ignore the no tresspassing orders and have themselves a snowball fight.  glorious.  for a link to an article about the fight (as well as a link to the source of this picture), click here: http://noclexington.com/?p=24


can you imagine living during this time, when centuries of repression suddenly had an outlet in music? people just seemed to explode. the best part of this video is after 2:19 when people just start throwing their clothes off and moving their bodies in whatever way they felt. i love it.


prisoners deserve ice cream too.  this blog was actually inspired by a similar story i saw on the news one day about a group of people that took ice cream to a prison (in arizona i believe).  the video showed worn and dirty prisoners laughing and eating ice cream and it brought tears to my eyes.  beauty can be found in even the darkest places.  i've been searching for that video since the start of this blog, but this is the closest i could find.