how can i express the relationship between the interior and the exterior, the mutual constitution of the two, the folds of the self?

i love roussel's idea of using parentheses (within parentheses (within parentheses)) in a story to convey the complexity of a situation or an idea or a person.  ah, grammatical possibilities!

red canna by georgia o'keefe


it was so snowy and magical last night that i couldn't sleep, so i sat in the dark living room drinking hot chocoate at 430 this morning.  when i crawled back into bed after 5, i sat and listened to the wintry morning.  birds chirpped softly.  no cars passed by on our normally busy street.  silent.

then, from directly in front of our house, as loud and clear and confident as a radio, an old man sang the most soulful rendition of bob seger's turn the page i've ever heard. 

he stayed and sung for a minute or so, as if he was singing directly to me, transfixed in my bed, then he continued on down the street.  his powerful voice faded and i fell into a cozy slumber.



one day humanity will play with law just as children play with disused objects, not in order to restore them to their canonical use but to free them from it for good.  what is found after the law is not a more proper and original use value that precedes the law, but a new use that is born only after it.  and use, which has been contaminated by law, must also be freed from its own value.  this liberation is the task of study, or of play.  and this studious play is the passage that allows us to arrive at that justice that one of benjamin's posthumous fragments defines as a state of the world in which the world appears as a good that absolutely cannot be appropriated or made juridical.

giorgio agamben