but what a strange lesson in geography i was given!  guillaumet did not teach spain to me, but made the country my friend....  the details that we drew up from oblivion, from their inconceivable remoteness, no geographer had been concerned to explore.  because it washed the banks of great cities, the ebro river was of interest to map-makers.  but what they to do with that brook running secretly through the water-weeds to the west of motril, that brook nourishing a mere score or two of flowers?

"careful of that brook: it breaks up the whole field.  mark it on your map."  ah, i was to remember that serpent in the grass near motril!...  And those thirty valorous sheep ready to charge me on the slope of a hill!

little by little, under the lamp, the spain of my map became a sort of fairyland.  the crosses i marked to indicate safety zones and traps were so many buoys and beacons.  i charted the farmer, the thirty sheep, the brook.  and, exactly where she stood, i set a bouy to mark the shepardess forgotten by the geographers.

antoine de saint-exupery