things i will miss about summers in lexington:
1.  the most amazing evenings, filled with fireflies and cool breezes.
2.  knowing that kids play in the downtown water fountains here, bathing suits and all.
3.  porch beers with good friends
4.  the hottest days of the year are only in the 90s
5.  time off from school and work

i got stoned once and re-remembered every little detail i could about the house i lived in until i was ten years old.  it was so vivid.  i remembered the original soft brown carpet in the den that we later replaced with that short, dense elementary school carpet with weird green diamonds all over it.  i didn't remember just what it looked like, but what it felt like on my skin when i would lay on the ground to read or play or watch tv.  the clinking sound of the metallic gold drawer pulls on my little cherry dresser when you closed them.  the lighting in the sitting room attached to my parent's room, filtered through the pine trees outside.  the cool, moist smell of the garage.  i went through each room in my mind and tried to piece together as much of that house as i could.

i remembered blips of life there too, like the time i got a thank you note in the mail from my teacher and i stood on the landing and told my mom i wanted to send her back a 'your welcome' card and my mom said that was not how the world worked.  and the time that i went into the parlor (the room where we couldn't use the furniture and we didn't want to because the couch was scratchy and uncomfortable) and i found one of our pet birds dead on the bottom on its cage.  the second one died a few days later.  and the time i made sandwiches for my dad's friends in exchange for a quarter during their poker game around the kitchen table.

its funny the things we remember.  i don't really think about any of the material things i had then, but i can vividly re-experience textures, smells, sounds, and situations--the place-ness of my home.

i wonder what these kids will remember about their childhood home--and what kind of people they will become because of their childhood experiences of such an important an intimate place in their lives.


the tingly happiness you get when you rub your face on clean, warm folded towels:  autonomous sensory meridian response.